Ways to remember your pet after his passing

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You would be an unusual person if, cuddling your soft new puppy, you thought of ways to remember your pet after his passing. The thought of death rarely crosses a person’s mind at such a twisted and life-filled moment. Generally, we live as if our pets possess immortality, but our hearts know that it is very possible that they will perish before us.

I remember very well the day our adult daughter’s dog, Daisy, passed away. The two of them had been in constant company for twelve years. Our daughter provided handmade warm clothing for her 40 pound Daisy. He socialized Daisy and trained her in the subtleties of everyday life. She cared for Daisy through many illnesses, including the cancer her pet eventually succumbed to. As the end approached, he made arrangements with a local vet for immediate collection and final assistance during the last hours of his pet’s life. However, no one suspected that Daisy’s death would occur in the wee hours of the morning. Daisy passed away with nothing but the tender comforts and copious tears of her lifelong human companion.

Our daughter sank into the depths of pain. In the morning, he contacted the vet. Daisy’s body traveled to the vet’s office for cremation, and our daughter had only her memories. He soon realized that he wanted a concrete and visible way to remember his pet. We wanted to give you some kind of commemorative gift and we started looking for ways to remember your pet.


The number of ideas amazed us. Some people suggested burying the pet’s cremated ashes in a pet cemetery and erecting an outdoor memorial. Some felt that a memorial service was a good way to remember their pet. Others mentioned self-involvement, such as sharing your love for your pet with other animals, volunteering at an animal shelter, or helping the elderly with their pets. There seemed to be many ways to remember your pet after his passing, but none of them delivered what we wanted: a “memorial” as constant as Daisy had been.

Some ideas were suitable for a goldfish. Some were suitable for dogs or cats. There were even ways to remember your pet pony or horse after his passing. I imagine if you look long enough you might even find ways to remember a deceased elephant.

Let me give you five other ideas we found.

– Create a garden of memories if you own your own property. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like. Pick a quiet place away from foot traffic and plant some flowers. Add an attractive flat stone that you have painted your pet’s name on. You can also add a stone or metal statue of your pet’s breed. While maintaining the garden, you will remember your beloved pet.

– Make a personalized picture frame of your pet with their name and fill it with a favorite photo of the cat, dog, etc. If you’d rather have someone else do the work, try searching the internet for personalized commemorative photo frames, or find a generic frame that you like and insert a photo of one of the happiest days with your pet.

– Put a box with your pet’s ashes on a shelf, but turn it into a special box. (I met a woman who was stacking five simple boxes on a shelf (two dogs and three cats)! You can order a beautiful laser etched wooden urn with a photo of your pet, their name, and dates etched on top. You even remember your pet with a special poem engraved on the front of the box.

– For an inexpensive way to remember your pet after his passing, reuse your pet’s identification tag. You can quickly and easily add it to a handmade bracelet. Or attach the pet’s identification tag to a keychain that you take with you every time you leave the house. If you don’t have one, you can ask for one with your dog’s name and a symbol that will often bring memories to mind.

– Order a mobile commemorative decal for your bike or vehicle. These window decals often commemorate human loved ones, but also provide a way to remember your pet after their passing. You can view a sample custom window sticker at

My personal choice?


Of the many ways to remember your pet after their passing, I love the handmade and personalized pet cremation ash pendants. Crystal jewelry for pet cremation is not all the same, of course. Many pieces are factory made and lack the individual warmth that you and your pet shared.

Best Pet Cremation Jewelry provides you with a warm and unique way to remember a warm and unique pet that you loved life with and explored the world you lived in. Crystal Pet Cremation Jewelry transforms a portion of your pet’s cremated ashes into an artistic expression of your love for your pet. You can leave the ashes in a box on the shelf, of course, as suggested above. However, you couldn’t take the box with you. You may only see the monument when you dusted it off each week.

Crystal Pet Cremation Jewelry takes a small portion of your pet’s ashes, melts them into warm soft glass, and presents you with a beautiful wearable piece of art.

My favorite pet cremation jewelry is an eye-catching red paw print pendant, handcrafted by the professional artist at .

This is just awesome! You must see it! It is a perfect way to remember your pet after his passing. Her beauty also shows others how much she loved her non-human partner.

When wearing this particular pet cremation pendant, you and your admiring friends will marvel at its beauty and speculate on how the artist managed to get that perfect tiny imprint inside the glass. How did you make it appear to float between your pet’s ashes and the blue crystal? Suspended from its black satin cord, this incredible glass pendant rests flat against your body, keeping the memories of your deceased pet close.

The artist also provides for those who never wear pendants. A man can order a glass cremation marble containing the ashes of his unforgettable pet.

You are also not limited to a single memorial. When a pet passes away, more than one member of the family will miss it. You can order a variety of these Pet Cremation Art Pendants, or order identical ones for each member of the family.

The artist has provided you with a simple kit for you to use. It is mailed to you when you order. Simply drop one tablespoon (about 1/4 teaspoon) of ashes into the small jar you send for each memorial you request. You put the jar in its prepaid mailing envelope. You can also add photos or written mementos of the pet that you want to remember. The artist promises to check everything before making his personalized memorials. You drop the prepaid envelope in the mail and, if you have questions, ask the artist directly without any customer service or middleman.

Mark, the artist at, hints at the care he will give his personal pet when he writes: “After experiencing the loss of 3 close friends and my big cat, Leo, I decided to put my skills in the service of others who had lost people and pets close to them. ” That attitude makes these pendants truly personal ways to remember your pet after his passing.


Even if your pet, like Daisy, has been suffering from a serious illness, actual death leaves him in pain. You cannot bring the pet back to life, but you can keep its memory alive by choosing one of many ways to remember your pet after it has passed away. Take your time and choose well.

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