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Enjoy all the benefits of affordable Venetian marble

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If spending got in the way of getting the look and feel of super marble and granite, keep reading about Venetian marble. As recycling is everywhere in our fight for the preservation of the environment, rescuing natural marble brings us this solution to many dreams. Instead of quite expensive cultured marble and granite, why not go for artificial Venetian marble?

How is Venetian marble made?

The reprocessed marble undergoes a pressing and heating procedure with polymers and pigments. The result is a very resistant and non-porous surface. Made from slabs at the factory, manufacturers cut and polish it, ready for installation. You get VM in various attractive colors and lovely borders for a fairyland feel. Designs come to life in dream settings!

Among Venetian marbles, the advantages are easy installations with few maintenance headaches, resistance to bacteria and stains. Its great durability makes it suitable for floors and shower screens, backsplashes and countertops.

seamless installations

Unrestricted 48″, Venetian Marble is the first marble made 60″ wide. With few seams, install quickly and easily with little waste. Don’t you want the most environmentally sustainable product?

Attractive color options too

Natural rock comes with many surface pits and marks from the wild subsurface through sustained earth processes. Engineered stone is fairly regular in coloration and surface consistency throughout the slab. As a result, seams are minimal and suit applications where color consistency is preferred. Tibetan Beige and Coco Emperador are popular choices unless you go for the more traditional colors like Vanilla Sky and Melange.

How to maintain Venetian marble?

Compared to conventional tiles and natural stone surfaces, these premium marble surfaces are easy to maintain. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and even a sponge and paper towels would suffice. If heavy staining occurs, you should use a mild soap. A neutral pH cleaner can also be used. A non-abrasive scouring pad will preserve the surface and result in many years of trouble-free service. A marble sealer is recommended for additional protection. This marble is highly durable, use it for backsplashes and countertops to provide a sleek marble and granite look with long life.

Venetian marble would introduce a great natural stone fantasy into the home or business at a reasonable cost. Since there are so many options out there, some are sure to meet your expectations, fancy, lifestyle, and budget. Browse our wide range of premium surfaces to make the best decisions.

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