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Understanding Men: Treat Your Man Like A Dog And Gain Eternal Devotion

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Have you ever had a new puppy? It’s a tough business to bring out the best in your dog so that you both enjoy and love each other. Building that bond of trust and honesty takes work! Understanding puppies is very similar to understanding men.

If you let your new dog run free without thought to discipline or training, there will be poop and puddles all over the house. You’ll find him fucking anything available without a care in the world and he’ll run off without looking over his shoulder. Most likely, he will happily fine you by asking for food and attention in the nearest comfortable and cozy abode,

If you train your dog properly, he will learn where he can relieve himself and where he can’t. He will know that he cannot run where and with whomever he pleases. He will learn not to bite the hand that feeds him.

If you train correctly, firmly but with plenty of rewards for good behavior, your dog will become obedient, loving, loyal, and your best friend.

The bond between the owner and the dog is one of trust. How can you cultivate this same trust between you and your man? What do you need to do to inspire mutual trust?

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts:

don’t be a doormat

Don’t be easy prey. Let him know where you stand on issues like slavery, cheating, lying, and being taken for granted. Make it clear, be firm, but don’t dwell on it endlessly. Just like you would with a dog, let your man know where your limits are.

Be tender and compassionate and sometimes show tough love

Be loving, but never be afraid to be tough when necessary. Never let your emotions interfere with your training. No matter how cute and cuddly he is… he’s still a dog.

Never, ever, tell anyone a secret your man has told you.

If your man finds out that you have told him a secret, that he has shared with you, he will never fully trust you again. In fact, the relationship may well be doomed because it won’t turn into an open relationship where he tells you everything. Do not succumb to this act of treason.

Never contradict or embarrass him in public.

He may be acting like a jerk, but he’s your jerk and loyalty dictates that you don’t take out your criticism in public. If you put him down, especially in front of his friends, he will resent and mistrust you.

Never use the things he tells you against him.

He will never trust you if he thinks you will eventually turn into ammunition. do not do it

Kidney in erratic emotions

Men just don’t understand wild emotional swings. Neither do dogs. Keep a check on yelling, hysteria, and general boisterous emotional behavior. Get yourself some evening primrose oil or something for those PMT times.

sexual confidence

Consider accommodating some of his sexual requests, unless they are too exaggerated or painful. You’ll probably enjoy it anyway, but sexual confidence is a great bond builder. sex slave? No. Sexual confidence? Yeah.

Okay, keep the above rules in mind, get yourself a men’s collar, leash, and treat pocket and go out and train a man.

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