The problems of renting in London

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“Students who are about to embark on the road of studying in the UK must be very concerned about their local living environment, and student accommodation in London naturally become the highlight. Let’s take a look at the precautions for renting London student accommodation in London.

1. How to ensure that the deposit will be refunded in full when studying in the student accommodation in the UK
To rent a private house in the UK, you need to pay 4-6 weeks’ rent in advance as a deposit when signing the contract. Landlords must place the deposit within 30 days of receiving it in Tenancy Deposit Protection, which is guaranteed by the UK government. Currently certified institutions include The Deposit Protection Service MyDeposits, Tenancy Deposit Scheme and Capita Tenancy Deposit Protection, with the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of tenants. If the tenant’s lease term has expired, the landlord or real estate agent must refund the deposit in full and within 10 days after the end of the contract, provided the landlord’s property is not damaged and the rent and bills are paid on time. If you have a conflict with the landlord about the deposit, the deposit will always be protected by TDP.

2. Before going to study and live in the UK, do your homework first
The service information on the university website and the advice given to you by the students of the same school are often more practical than the housing agency. If the seniors or alumni have lived in a certain student accommodation, they can also give you the most authentic living experience first-hand.

Rents and housing conditions vary in different regions. You can ask your classmates about the most economical and suitable London student accommodation houses according to your psychological price. In this regard, the old students’ suggestions can save you a lot of money. There will also be free brochures and consultation services available.
If the original tenant is living when you view the house, you can also ask him how it feels to live in it. He must know the advantages and disadvantages of the room best.

3. In the student accommodation for studying abroad in the UK, every small detail of the contract is not overlooked
Most contracts indicate that if the contract is terminated, the tenant needs to give the landlord at least one month’s notice (Notice), but in some cases, the advance notice may take 2 months, or 15 days, and this information will be clearly stated in It is marked in the contract that you need to check carefully before signing the contract before signing. Otherwise, it is written in black and white.
If some houses are not in good condition, it is recommended to take photos before moving in. Scratches on the wall, stains on the carpet, and damage to the furniture should be taken and recorded, and the two parties should communicate well, otherwise it may become a dispute when checking out.

Student accommodation recognizes the importance of balancing privacy and socialization. While shared living spaces promote social interactions and community engagement, students also need personal space for quiet study and relaxation. Accommodation providers offer a range of room options to accommodate individual preferences, from shared bedrooms and studio apartments to private en-suite rooms. This flexibility allows students to strike a balance between socialization and personal privacy, catering to their specific needs.

4. The energy saving status of the house determines the monthly bill
Many Chinese landlords or second landlords will pay monthly bills (Bill) for tenants when they are in student accommodations, and some co-renters will share monthly water and electricity consumption equally. British housing agencies are more inclined to the latter. When you’re figuring out how much you can afford to pay in monthly rent, don’t forget to take your monthly bills into consideration. Students do not need to pay Council Tax. Daily fees include Gas, Electricity, Broadband, and Water. If you have a TV at home and watch live TV, you also need to pay The viewing fee (TV License) is £145.5 per year.

When looking for a house, remember to check the energy saving score (EPC). The higher the score, the lower the monthly bill; the orientation of the house also determines whether the lighting is sufficient in winter, which affects the indoor temperature; if the house windows are equipped with double glazing (Double Glazing) , the effect of keeping warm is better.

5. Lock the doors and windows to prevent fire and theft
Because the life of British international students is full and rich, going out late at night is also a common thing. Therefore, places where students live together are also easy to be targeted by thieves. When choosing a student accommodation, try to choose an area with good public security. Information statistics on crime rates can be found on Roommates who live together should also take care of each other. Don’t forget to close the windows of the living room or kitchen after falling asleep due to negligence. If you are worried about property theft, you can also purchase property insurance, which can insure your laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc.
Chinese students like to use open flames for cooking. Many British kitchens are equipped with smoke alarms. If the smoke is too thick or the water vapor is too large, the alarm may be triggered. In this case, the windows should be opened for ventilation as soon as possible, and then the alarm should be pressed. In some student dormitories and apartments, once the alarm goes off, everyone must go downstairs and gather in the yard, and wait for the dormitory staff to check the hidden dangers before returning.

If you have any questions about student accommodation in London, UK, please call Xiaoju, and we will arrange professional consultants to answer you in detail.”

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