The Big Leopard Geckos – The Giants

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Standard leopard geckos are fairly small but very popular creatures, but among these popular pets, there are some fairly large leopard geckos that stand out.

Of course, there are some big ones that could even be considered giants or super-giants and these larger varieties have become quite popular with enthusiasts around the world.

Giant leopard geckos generally reach their maximum size after about a year of growth. Supergiants can exceed 110 grams, while giants can range between 80 and 100 grams in weight, and females weigh about 20 grams lighter than males.

These large leopards can and do appear in a wide variety of colors and patterns, just like their smaller cousins.

Some people believe that giants are simply fat lizards, but this is not the case. These varieties are specifically bred for their size, and while they can grow quite large, they are generally not overweight. However, there are some unscrupulous traders who might try to pass off a fat leopard gecko for a giant.

Watch out for the obese leopard gecko merchant!

Around 1999, Ron Tremper, a breeder working on giant varieties, came up with the Tremper Giant, a huge baby lizard that stood around 4 1/2 inches and grew to an incredible 11 inches after a year.

Through selective breeding, one of the most famous giants of all time, Moose, was produced from this albino giant. Moose broke all previous records and ongoing efforts by Tremper and other breeders continue to produce these highly prized giant leopard geckos.

Unfortunately, Moose passed away in 2007 after reaching almost 11 inches in length and a whopping 156 grams. However, his legacy lives on in his children and grandchildren, who have become enormously valuable. It is not uncommon for these giants to sell for $ 500 or more.

A giant offspring of the Moose lineage sold for almost $ 1500!

A grandson of Moose, known as Godzilla, is said to be the largest giant gecko in the world. It was born in 2007 and by 2009 it had reached a weight of more than 170 grams and almost 12 inches in length. Their offspring, Moose’s great-grandchildren, sell in the price range of $ 500 to $ 1,200.

As these giant leopard geckos continue to gain popularity, it’s not unimaginable that even larger varieties will be bred in the not-too-distant future.

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