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The Art of Chakra Healing: An Online Course

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Chakra Healing

The course begins with an introduction to the chakra system and how to balance them using a variety of simple techniques that can be done anywhere. It then teaches you how to identify what specific chakras are out of balance and heal/strengthen them. Finally, it teaches you how to direct cleansing and balancing energy into your own body’s systems through the chakras themselves, giving you a toolkit to heal yourself on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This Chakra Course Online has been designed to be accessible to all. It starts off slow to ensure that everyone gets on board, and then moves forward at a steady pace, covering one Chakra per week, so you can do the work at your own time and pace. You can also go back and re-watch the videos as many times as you like, so that the information is always available to you!

You will learn about the seven main chakras and how they connect with each other. You will discover the history of the chakras and their role in our modern world. You will also explore the ancient wisdom and modern science behind them.

The Art of Chakra Healing: An Online Course

During this course you will also be introduced to the concept of vibrational energy and how that is related to your personal wellness and the wellbeing of your clients. You will be able to understand how the chakras are affected by society and culture, how to spot when a chakra is blocked and how to balance or clear it.

By the end of this course, you will have a toolkit to clear and balance your own personal energy field and chakras, as well as your client’s. You will be able to read the energy of your client, see where their blockages are and help them clear them quickly. You will also be able to assist your clients in clearing and balancing their chakras so that they can be healed on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is the foundational course for anyone who wishes to become a professional chakra healer. It is perfect for yoga instructors, massage therapists, health practitioners and anyone who wants to learn how to balance the chakras in order to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

You will gain a new perspective on your life as you learn how to balance, cleanse and charge the chakras of yourself, your friends and family and your clients! You will learn how to use simple energy healing techniques that are easy to master, taught in beautifully shot High Definition videos. You will learn how to feel energy (which is much easier than people think), how to access your inner wisdom and get the answers you need, as well as play with energy and learn how to balance your chakras through a series of easy to follow and fun guided exercises, and also tap into the power of sound with seven downloadable chakra soundtracks for a deeper experience of balancing the chakras.

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