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Living in Watseka, IL

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If you were to walk down the street and ask people if they have ever heard of Watseka, a small town in the state of Illinois, chances are most of the answers would be no. Watseka is a small city about ninety miles south of Chicago. According to the 2000 census, Watseka had a population of approximately 5,700 residents. Watseka is a small town about fifteen miles from the Illinois-Indiana border. There isn’t a lot of excitement in Watseka at any given time, but the town is still beautiful. There may not be many big companies in Watseka either, but it definitely has a hospital that can rival Bourbonnais Illinois hospital at any time.

The most common type of occupation in the city of Watseka for a man is that of a trucker. Women generally work as secretaries, administrative assistants, or as nurses. The weather in Watseka can range from nice and hot in summer to quite cold in winter. High daytime temperatures in the summer months generally average around eighty degrees. Daytime lows in the winter month average somewhere in the low 20s. Watseka also sees its fair share of snowfall. So if you are someone who likes to have snow on the ground from October to May, Watseka is the place for you. There is also a Watseka hospital nearby in case you slip and fall on some ice and insult yourself!

One of Watseka’s highlights is the Sugar Creek Symphony and Song. The symphony strives to bring world-class arts out of the city to the country for all to enjoy. The symphony also brings an element of education to the younger members of the community. Watseka is also proud to have the Old Iroquois County Courthouse Museum. One important thing to note if you visit Watseka on a weekend is that the museum is only open on weekdays. The old courthouse building was built in 1866 and in 1967 the courthouse officially became a museum. The museum has many features including an old county jail, an old general store, a school, and many other smaller pieces of history from years gone by.

Whether you’re driving through Illinois to get to the Watseka Illinois hospital or on a quest to find a unique little town, Watseka is the place to visit. Watseka may be small, but its history is important to its residents. The local people take pride in being native to Watseka. With the wide variety of temperatures throughout the year and plenty of culture to offer, Watseka is a place that can please anyone.

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