How to choose between crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls

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Singing bowls are known for their beautiful sound and their usefulness in meditation, relaxation, spirituality, and healing. However, they are not all created equal and come in a wide variety of sounds, sizes, and types. When you are looking to buy a bowl, the material you choose is one of the first factors to take into account. The two main materials used are glass and metal, and both have their own unique and special characteristics.

Metal singing bowls they are the most common and popular way. They have been used since ancient times in Tibet, Japan, and the Himalayas for spiritual purposes, so there is a wealth of antiques available to collectors. They have the unique property of producing multiple harmonic overtones at the same time, making your music warm, vibrant, and complex. They can vary greatly in appearance – some are plain bronze, while others have intricate carved patterns and designs. Being metal, they are also quite durable and can withstand a great deal of handling, making them perfect for easily taking anywhere without worrying about damage.

Crystal singing bowls They are a modern invention made of quartz. Unlike their metal counterparts, they are only capable of producing one strong, penetrating note per bowl. This makes them perfect for users who prefer a specific shade, whether it’s to target a specific chakra for healing or out of simple personal preference. In terms of appearance, glass bowls are usually clear or frosted, although some retailers have colors available as well. These bowls are delicate and fragile, making them perfect for decorative appeal, but less suitable for frequent transport.

When choosing a bowl, let your personal preferences for portability, sound, decorative appeal, and use guide your choice when purchasing a bowl.

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