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Fairy tales and identity theft

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My mom used to put me to sleep reading fairy tales. I always enjoyed those stories, especially the one about Cinderella and Snow White. As soon as I was old enough to choose my own clothes, toys, and accessories, I always made it a point that my mom would buy me things that had a picture of Cinderella or Snow White on them. I became obsessed and wanted to be like these princesses to the point that I grew up knowing that at one point or another I would meet my own prince and find my true love.

I’m all grown up now and I’ve matured. Despite that, my love for fairy tales never waned. Now I have children of my own and I feel that now is their time to love the fairy tales that I once loved as a child. I bought a handful of these classic stories on CD and asked my son to watch them when school is out (my son is not allowed to watch TV on school days). He loved them and I like the way my son responded to these stories. I see myself on my childish back during the days when he was still a gullible child.

One night my husband and I decided to do a fairy tale marathon with our daughter. We started watching fairy tales after dinner and kept going until we finished three: Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Mulan. We go to bed happy and dreamy. We feel like little children.

As I lay in bed that night, I began to reflect on the fairy tales we had just seen. That night, he was a cross between being a kid and being an adult. I got to thinking about the plots of the story and how the characters went from being the underdog to being the most beautiful princess in the kingdom (like Snow White), or getting close to the man of your dreams (like Ariel). Finally, I came to a conclusion. These three princesses or ladies that I liked so much when I was a child were basically identity theft criminals!

I wanted to laugh at myself that night, but just so you understand, this is how I came to the conclusion.

Cinderella: She was a house helper who, with the help of her friends and her fairy mother, was able to assume the identity of the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. She was able to trick the prince, but when the clock struck 12, she was forced to revert to her original identity.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel was so in love with the prince she rescued that she was so willing to give up her mermaid status to be with the human being she loved. She drank a potion that allowed her to be a “normal” human with legs and lived with the identity until the prince married another.

Mulan: This is a clear case of identity theft. Mulan assumed the identity of his father because he didn’t want his father to join the army because he was too old.

It’s okay, I know. Their motives were noble, but they’re still identity thieves, right?

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