Worst US Cities for Bike Theft

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When we bike around our hometown, we may or may not be concerned about theft. It depends on how aware we are of the risk of theft and in which city we actually live. Many are probably unaware of the prevalence of bicycle theft where they live, but we have the list of the cities with the highest concentration of this crime in the US If you find your hometown on the list, you may want to think more about prevention if you haven’t already.

Top ten

According to Kryptonite Locks, the ten worst cities for bike theft are as follows:

1. Philadelphia, PA

2. Chicago, IL

3. New York, NY

4. San Francisco, CA

5. Tucson, AZ (tie)

6. Portland, OR (tie)

7. Denver, CO

8. New Haven, CT

9. Cambridge, MA

10. Austin, TX

What to do if you find your city on the list

If you found your city on the list and you are not currently making an effort to keep your bike safe from theft, you probably should. If you want to keep your bike, that is. The easiest way to secure it is to get a lock that is difficult to cut.

There are a variety of different types of locks available for cyclists, so do a little research and find the right lock for you. Once you have a lock, always lock your bike in public. There are racks that you can lock your vehicle on. If you can’t find a suitable one, look for anything you can find that is solid and static. Also, be careful to ensure that you can legally lock your bike to that object. Yes, someone can cut the lock if you really want to try and get away with it, but a lock will definitely decrease the chances of someone taking your property.

Get in touch with the bike lock experts

Many people spend considerable amounts of money on the purchase of a bicycle and then even more money on accessories and upgrades. If you put in the time, money and effort, why not do the same to keep it safe from theft? Don’t risk having your bike stolen. For more information on high-quality security and locks, visit the bicycle security experts, A&J Bicycle Locks today.

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