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Will the tablet beat the mobile phone?

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The iPad has earned rave reviews around the world, and many people plan to enhance their mobile communication experience by investing in an iPad. When Apple first released the iPad, it was a novelty that everyone wanted, but with the release of the iPad 2, the tablet has become the most popular electronic device in the world today. This has made some people wonder if the tablet will finally topple the mobile as the most useful electronic and communication device ever. Here’s an idea why the tablet, any tablet, won’t be able to do it.

It is expensive:

Mobile is many things to many people. Some use it to communicate, others to entertain, and others for data consumption. While there are all of these categories of people, a large portion of people still use the phone for simple ‘pick up call, end call’ usability, and would not feel comfortable paying such a ridiculous amount for this service. So, unless the tablet market doesn’t see a huge price cut like the touch phone market did, it’s hard to think that the tablet will topple the phone.

It is bulky:

There was a time when people did not buy a mobile because it was bulky, which gave rise to small and elegant mobile phones. Of course, with the mobile having more uses, features and services, the average size of a mobile phone has increased, but it is nowhere near the size of the average tablet, which can be compared to a square brick. Therefore, unless they come out with a tablet that is the size of a mobile phone, with all the features, the tablet does not offer much competition to the mobile phone.

It is a Daily Expense:

Even if tablet makers are shouting from the rooftops that they have one lakh or two lakh apps, one should understand that using these apps would require either a GRPS connection once or a GPRS connection forever. While GPRS and even 3G connection is becoming predominant in early markets, these are still some markets that are happy with prepaid plans and have to invest in 3G or even GPRS connection. This removes a part of the usability factor from the tablet and makes the costs almost illogical.

These are the three important reasons why the tablet will not beat the mobile phone for at least a while.

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