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Tensions in the workplace? Don’t shout it: throw it away with laser tag

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It is simply the nature of confined offices and workspaces that tensions will build up between co-workers from time to time. The trick is to eliminate them before they become real world problems or even actions with irreparable consequences. Or … maybe it’s just time for a fun team building activity.

Enter Laser Tag – futuristic, imaginatively interactive, adrenaline-pumping fun for the entire office, especially perhaps the boss. Sure, the manager may find himself in the spotlight for more than his fair share of the time, but never mind, it’s all a lot of fun.

Lazgam Laser Games is the scene of the action, located on the fifth floor of the Holiday Inn at Sukhumvit 22, just before the rapidly developing Em district. Enjoy the smoke and strobe lights as you navigate the 500 square meter maze, trying to avoid the radars of your opponents as they search for you. Is this a blast from the past, almost waiting for the Bee Gees to start blasting out of the speakers? Or a mission to the future? It is all up to you and your teammates to choose.

There are several different games available: Classic Challenger, in which up to 32 players divided into 2 to 6 teams fight for fame and glory; Alien Invasion, set in the year 2050 when aliens take over the city; Blaster Boost, an elite mission that requires cunning and stealth; Special agents, in which you defend VIPs from rival forces; and Last Survivors, where you mercilessly eliminate your rivals to survive and win.

Each player sports a multi-sensor vest with their own built-in speakers, not to mention their critical laser pistol. So it is each man or woman, or each team, by itself. You quickly dive into the action and are amazed at how real it has suddenly become. Check the information panel on your vest to see who shot you and where you were hit. Fifteen minutes go by in the blink of an eye.

Then it’s time to regroup and play again. All those petty office politics are vaporized by increasingly precise laser weapons. The play is a way to vent, work together and let your imagination solve everything. When everything is over, everyone laughs and goes back to working as a team: the psychic work remains on the battlefield.

In conclusion, the next time you are in Bangkok for a business meeting or MICE event, be sure to put down an hour or two for laser tag fun. Laser Tag corporate events are available to meet your specific needs, with group pricing. It’s a great way for colleagues to come together and develop leadership skills, as well as being the perfect reward and incentive for staff. Remember: shoot it, don’t yell it.

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