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Outsourcing Lead Generation Services for Better Results

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Market research shows that companies that implement outsourced B2B lead generation plans have a better chance of capturing quality leads than those that use in-house services.

Using outsourced lead generation services means entrusting a vendor company with the responsibility of delivering quality leads that actually turn into lucrative sales. So naturally this means that outsourcing results in a higher conversion rate and better business sales figures.

  • Efficient customer profiling is an integral part of lead generation services

Service providers apply numerous methods to find all the useful information about prospects related to demographics, such as their buying patterns, needs, and behaviors. Most importantly, these service providers approach the entire sales process from the prospects’ point of view, thus making it easy to understand exactly what prospects want. In fact, the service provider conducts extensive company research to find the most recent and relevant data, including the identifying potential company decision marker. All these ultimately help in efficient target marketing.

Lead generation service providers provide you with qualified leads and therefore you don’t need to waste time chasing someone who hasn’t demonstrated a clear need for your products/services, or doesn’t have the budget to purchase them. Instead, you can focus on prospects who are interested in what you’re selling, need it, and can afford to buy it.

Service providers track and nurture opportunities until they become qualified leads. Lead generation services are designed to take advantage of several different channels to stay in the minds of these prospects until they are ready to make a purchase.

  • Use different channels for lead generation services

Service provider teams often take a multi-channel approach to generating leads. A competent and experienced B2B lead generation outsourcing partner will make use of a mix of lead channels including networking, online and offline communication, list building from multiple sources, popular communication channels with social lead groups, etc. to maintain a constant connection with prospects. This helps considerably to reduce the risk associated with using only one lead generation channel.

  • Comparison Between Internal and External Lead Generation Services

It usually takes a while to judge if an internal lead generation team member is performing well and producing consistent results. It takes even more time to train you in the ways of the industry and its methods of generating leads. And if the person is not suitable for the position you have, start over. On the other hand, it will not take more than a couple of months to understand if the service provider you have contracted is performing according to your expectations.

Honestly, most companies do not have a conclusive idea when it comes to defining a qualified lead. This can be a significant problem and therefore it is advisable to hire external experts who can assist in developing the right processes and content to capture quality leads the right way. Typically, it is found that internal teams hardly give importance to things like the universal definition of leads or customer information.


Many companies today prefer outsourced lead generation services to in-house resources because these services have been shown to deliver better sales leads. This, in turn, reduces costs and risks and paves the way for further business growth. Also, making use of such services means reduced time to market, improved sales lead conversion rate, and higher return on investment.

Taking all these scenarios into account, it can be safely concluded that outsourced lead generation services provide vast advantages over in-house solutions. And that’s why the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

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