Confused about what kind of cake you want for your child’s birthday?

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Since our first birthday, we have always known that cakes play such an important role in our lives. A birthday or wedding doesn’t go by without the traditional cake-cutting ceremony.

So what is special about cakes that make them irreplaceable?

This form of dessert, which was originally used in Germany during the Middle Ages, was used on children’s birthdays; later called kinderfest. As the years went by, it became more and more elaborate. At first, it was not much sweeter, but gradually people realized that the candy greatly enhanced its flavor. What followed was a radical change in this beautiful desert. It came layered, had frosting, and various types of decorations. Additionally, several new flavors were implemented over the years.

More than one tradition

Back then, making a cake was complicated because such utensils were expensive. But as times went by, these items became cheaper, and baking cakes increased significantly. It’s not so much about taste as it is about tradition. In medieval times, people used to mix objects like coins and decorations into cakes thinking that it will bring good luck and prosperity to whoever cuts it.


Upon reaching the form, these pastels came predominantly in round shapes, as it constitutes the cycle of life. But these days, cakes come in various shapes and sizes. It is up to a specific person what kind they want. Kids may prefer it in cartoon form like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, while adults may like shapes like guitars or any other fancy item.

Some of the things to consider in a pastry supplier when buying a cake are: –

• Vendor: It doesn’t matter who you get this cake from. There are several providers available in the market, but not all of them are good enough. Make sure the supplier is recognized and has good work experience.

• Good Establishment – Make sure the place you get your desert from actually has a good infrastructure establishment.

• Consistent quality: the supplier must be sufficiently consistent with the quality of the cakes. They must maintain a level that everyone likes.

• Timely delivery: you should check well beforehand about your delivery system. There’s no point in ordering something if they can’t deliver the items on time for your special occasion.

• Cost: While not skimping on quality, you should look for bakeries that offer items at moderate or affordable prices.

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