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8 Mass Texting Tips You Need For Brand Awareness

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Whether you’re in a league of marketing giants or just a start-up, the need to spread the core value of your brand is the deciding factor. Companies allocate large budgets for the sake of brand management, which can vary from industry to industry. However, brand marketing is one of those areas where companies never forget to leave a good impression.

The digital age is fraught with rapidly changing metrics and as businesses it is important to increase brand awareness within the marketplace and most importantly with customers.

What can be the most results-oriented practice to increase brand awareness?

The answer is: just one channel that is available to everyone, has a high open rate and has a global reach.

MASS TEXTING via SMS – is the best answer here.


The name itself suggests that mass texting is meant for the masses. And nothing can enhance your brand presence more than the mass text messaging channel. The battle between various marketing channels is nothing new to potential marketers. All businesses are aware of the fact that Bulk SMS for Business not only gives them cheaper rates, but they also know that no other channel can come closer to Bulk Texting.


A brand truly becomes a brand when it has all the necessary ingredients to express the company’s values.

Brands that don’t implement the mass text messaging strategy tend to isolate themselves. They cannot compete with their existing market rivals. That means leaving mass text messages can be a serious mistake for all brands.


Despite all the current statistics and recent studies, people often ask about better alternatives.

But in reality, there is no alternative to something that is itself the ‘best’.

Here, we are talking about “Mass Text Messages”. A brand may go for multiple SMS gateway providers, but the bulk SMS service remains the same across the board.

MASS TEXT – What is required?

Remember that since your brand needs to connect with a large number of customers or users, then it is important to keep in mind that long codes do not work for you. Mass text messages can only be sent by using short codes.

Short code text messaging is basically another term for text messaging. While using a short code, you must first set up a keyword for your campaign. Give your campaign a ‘keyword’ and then continue to set up your campaign to send bulk text messages.

Sending text messages via short codes is an automated process. Once you’re done with keyword and campaign training, you’re ready to employ mass text messaging for brand awareness.


During mass text messaging, brands need to be very careful because spam is strictly prohibited. Additionally, there are global regulators who enforce their set of rules. Any violation or misuse may result against your will. Always make sure to practice secure communication no matter what channel you are using.

After shedding light on the basic concept of mass texting, it’s time for some helpful tips you need to know:


Say more in less:

In today’s fast-forwarding world, no one cares how long you type or talk. People don’t have time to listen or read a long article. Just be concise and brief with your words.

Be genuine:

Getting away from who you really are can be a negative thing. Be sure to maintain a firm foundation for your brand identity. Always be genuine as a company.

There is no shortcut to success:

We all dream of quick success. However, effective results need time to appear. Patience is the key for all brands to increase their brand presence. Let people know about your vision, even if it takes time.

All clients are equal:

Never treat anyone from your client as a non-prospect. You never know if a customer who isn’t an attraction today might be your biggest buyer later.

SMS is the winning mantra:

Speaking of SMS, we mean mass text messaging. If your brand is looking to outperform all competitors, then only bulk texting is the all-in-one solution.

Integration with an SMS API:

Brands that have their own CRM can get the real-time benefit of integrating their CRM modules or systems with an SMS API. The integration will allow you to broaden your reach and increase your brand reputation.

Automation is the future:

The future is in automation technology. Most brands have already abandoned the use of manual strategies. Your brand should move accordingly and adopt automated marketing practices such as bulk SMS or mass text messaging.

start rolling now

A lot has been said already: it’s time to step up and start employing mass texting for brand awareness.

Without further ado, integrate your system or go for an SMS gateway provider and help your brand increase its presence and spread awareness among customers.

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