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39 reasons why I left the corporate world and became a personal brand

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1. I realized early on that I didn’t fit in the corporate world.

2. I didn’t like the corporate world and all its ‘falsehood’ or its desire to be ‘politically correct’ and ‘polite’. He wanted to call a sword, a sword.

3. It was not me who lived a life, I lived a routine.

4. I realized that I would be a slave to this system forever.

5. Whatever I did or contributed – all that effort was not me.

6. He wanted to break out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

7. He wanted to be an authority and an expert.

8. I didn’t want to take someone else’s business card with my name written on it with a fictitious designation and present myself as a slave to that company.

9. I saw others earn by the hour and enjoy a luxurious life and go on vacation whenever they wanted.

10. I realized that there were many people living with Flexibility in Operation and Lifestyle. I wanted part of it.

11. I wanted to create a lifestyle where whatever work and contribution I made, I could take with me wherever I wanted. The problem with working for a company was that the day you left the company, all the contributions you made to the company would go to the company. And if I were to join a new company, I would have to start from scratch and prove myself from scratch once again.

12. He wanted to earn as much as he wanted.

13. I wanted to wear – whatever I wanted to wear.

14. I wanted respect for being “ME” and not an “employee” of a respected company.

15. I hated office politics.

16. Working for someone was always unpredictable.

17. Success in the business world depended on the authority of someone above me. And if he didn’t like me, that was the end of my success phase.

18. I hated pleasing others: customers, customers, bosses, colleagues, vendors, and vendors. He was angry!

19. I didn’t want to dance to anyone’s music just because it had a fictitious title. And even worse was respecting someone he didn’t want to respect.

20. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny, time, and lifestyle.

21. I wanted to earn as much as I wanted and rest and disconnect when I wanted with having to get a certificate of sick leave.

22. I have always been restless, creative, rebellious and loved to do my own thing.

23. He loved to reinvent ways and means of work. Constantly trying and experimenting with new things.

24. I didn’t believe in getting to work on time.

25. I did not believe in calling anyone above me “Sir” or “Ma’am” just because he or she had more experience than I did in JUST that given job or because he or she was my client or client.

26. He kept failing at everything he was doing because he was at his best: boring! I was not contributing to my own brand. It felt like work!

27. I felt a greater passion knowing that what I was working for was my own baby and it would be mine forever! I wanted to create my own brand!

28. Even if I invest 100%, the ROI would not be 100%. It would be less.

29. I didn’t like it when my ideas were rejected and I also hated the fact that I had to convince the world to implement my ideas.

30. The day I resigned from the company, it would be that person’s brand and not mine that would remain.

31. I wanted to be myself, which I could never do working for the corporate world.

32. Every time I changed jobs, I had to start from scratch.

33. My progress was based on the whims and fantasies of others.

34. Everything I created or did – ultimately was – someone else’s. And to see someone else take credit or get a bonus for it, she hated it.

35. No matter what position, salary, or success I’ve had: at the end of the day I was recognized as an employee.

36. There would be a limit to how much he earned.

37. No great visionary or legend or artist or memorable brand was ever an employee.

38. If I made a good deal or got a bonus, I could take many weeks off from work!

39. There was always the risk of management changes or unpredictable factors I couldn’t control, where my hard work could still go down the drain.

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