World of Warcraft Tactics – How to Kill Professor Putricide

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Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Summary of Phase 1

Professor Putricide is the final boss in the Plagueworks section of Icecrown Citadel, this guide will give you an overview of his abilities and the tactics and strategies you can use to defeat him. The mechanics of this encounter is based on 3 phases, in the first two your Off Tank will take control of an Abomination using the table behind Professor Putricide. As long as this Abomination is active, the entire raid will take constant damage, so make sure you have a decent raid healer in your lineup. The transition between phases is marked by Professor Putricide stunning the entire raid team with a debuff called “Tear Gas” and he drinks potions from his table.

IMPORTANT: You only have 10 attempts to complete this encounter

Professor Putricide will drop mounds of ooze near random players which will deal damage if any player stands on them, that’s where the Abomination comes in, it’s Off Tanks job to make the Abomination eat the ooze mounds which also gives him gives his Abomination 4 energy points. .

During phase 1 and phase 2, Professor Putricide will summon two types of additions alternately. They always appear in the same place they are summoned using his lab equipment, the two types of aggregates are Volatile Ooze that appears on the north side of the room and Gas Clouds that appear on the south.

The volatile oozes will root a player and start running towards them, they absolutely MUST be bombed before they reach that player; otherwise they will explode with 70k damage shared between all players within a 10 yard range, this explosion causes a knockback effect.

Gas Clouds will again target 1 player and run towards them, but this time they will receive a debuff that applies 10 stacks of Gaseous Bloat. It will deal a small amount of damage every 2 seconds and a stack of Gaseous Bloat will drop from the stack. These gas clouds must not, under any circumstances, be allowed to reach their target, otherwise they will deal area of ​​effect damage for the entire raid. The amount of AoE damage will depend on how many Gaseous Bloat stacks are left on the player when the Gas Cloud hits their target, if there are a large number of stacks then you can expect some serious pain.

Off Tanks Abomination has another ability that will help you deal with ads. Regurgitated Ooze will slow the target by 50% and deal damage. This is the key to controlling aggregates, make sure your Off Tank is ready for the aggregate and has eaten enough mounds of mucus so you can spew regurgitated mucus as soon as they spawn.

The boss will also start to drop gas bombs, drop two at a time and at random intervals. Just make sure you don’t stand on them, they’re pretty simple to avoid, but they deal a massive amount of damage if activated.

Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Summary of Phase 2

In phase 2, Professor Putricide will do all the abilities as in phase 1, but he also gains Malleable Goo, where he basically throws goo through the air towards an area where a player was standing. It’s important to get out of the way, otherwise he can expect around 15k damage and slow his attack and cast speeds by 200% for 15 seconds.

Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Summary of Phase 3

During this phase, you gain all the abilities from Phase 1 AND Phase 2. Basically, it’s now a race against time to kill him before he kills you. Putricide will again stun the entire raid and gobble potions from him to enter phase 3 with a buff on him called Mutated Strength that increases his attack speed and power by 50%. Every melee attack made against the boss from his tank will give his tank a debuff called Mutated Plague. This will start dealing damage and stacks across the raid, the more stacks the higher the damage. It is at this point that his Off Tank needs to drop his Abomination and switch tanks Putricide and start the DPS run. If you’re not quick enough, you’ll be killed by the piles of ooze that are now building up and are no longer eaten by the Abomination. The good news is that NO MORE ADD will appear in phase 3.

Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Putricide Skills

mutated abomination

  • eat mucus – Eat nearby mutated slime reducing the size of the pool, giving you 4 energy boogers!
  • regurgitated mucus – The regurgitated mucus has a stunning effect on the target, slowing their movement speed by 50% and dealing 6338 to 6662 damage every 2s for 20s.
  • mutated cut – Deals 100% weapon damage instantly and reduces the target’s resistance to physical damage by 4% for 20s. It accumulates up to 5 times.

Professor Putricide

  • slime puddle – Throws a vial of mutated slime, creating a puddle of slime at the target location.
  • slime puddle – Mutated slime continuously grows, dealing 4388 to 4612 damage every 1 second until consumed by a mutated creature!
  • slime puddle – Deals 4388 to 4612 damage to targets in the slime puddle.
  • unstable experiment – Professor Putricide begins to carry out a perverse experiment with all of you!
  • asphyxiating gas pump – Professor Putricide throws gas bombs around him, the gas bomb deals 5363 to 5637 damage every 1 second and explodes for 15600 to 16400 damage after 20 seconds.
  • asphyxiating gas – Choking Gas deals 5363 to 5637 damage and causes you to choke, reducing your chance to hit by 75% for 15s.
  • create concoction – Professor Putricide is rummaging through the lab table for a powerful potion!
  • swallow potions – Professor Putricide starts drinking all the potions on the table!

gas cloud

  • gaseous bloating – Deals 1219 to 1281 damage every 2 seconds, and if the Gas Cloud hits you, it will remove all remaining Gaseous Bloat and damage all nearby allies.
  • gaseous bloating – The gas cloud fixates on the player with Gaseous Bloat. Catching it will cause it to cast Expunge Gas, dealing damage to nearby players based on how bloated the player is.
  • gas removed – The Gas Cloud attack has removed all gas from the target! The expunged gas deals damage to all enemies based on the number of stacks of Gas Blight remaining on the target when it was attacked.

growing silt puddle

  • slime puddle – Mutated slime continuously grows, dealing 4388 to 4612 damage every 1 second until consumed by a mutated creature!
  • mutated slime – Deals damage to targets on Mutated Slime.

volatile mucus

  • Volatile Mucus Adhesive – The Volatile Ooze Adhesive binds the target to the Volatile Ooze, dealing 4388 to 4612 damage every 1 second and rooting the target. The volatile ooze will move towards the target, exploding and dealing 68250 to 71750 damage, split between all nearby targets.
  • silt eruption – Deals 68250 to 71750 shared damage with nearby targets, knocking them back in all directions!

Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Raid Tasks

Main tank: Professor Putricide

Dropped from the tank: Stage 1 + 2: Abomination, Stage 3: Professor Putricide

Ranged DPS: Phase 1 + 2: Clouds of volatile gas and snot, Professor Putricide, Phase 3: Professor Putricide

Melee DPS: Phase 1, 2 + 3: Professor Putricide (unless your melee is heavy, you may need to add some additions)

the healers: 1 on raid healing, should have a good start. 1 on tank healing which can also recharge raid in phases 1+2. Good healers needed.

Professor Putricide Tactics and Strategy: Execution

1.Have your main tank start the pull, all your raid team should be on the south side of the room, as the first add will ALWAYS spawn from the north and will ALWAYS be a volatile ooze. Have your Off Tank grab an Abomination and start eating the piles of slime the boss is dropping. Once the Volatile Ooze spawns, the Off Tank should use the Abomination to throw Regurgitated Ooze at it and Ranged DPS should immediately destroy the plugin.

2.Have your team switch sides of the room to be ready for the next spawn (gas cloud) and repeat the steps for Regurgitated Ooze and Nuke. If you don’t get the snap fast enough to make the switch before the next one shows up, you’ll need to heal as much as possible, but no matter what, you MUST switch ends of the room.

3.Make sure your team has plenty of mobility, dodging the ooze piles while the off tank uses the Abomination to eat them up, the off tank MUST have enough energy for the Abomination to use regurgitated ooze on the aggregates, but any extra energy can be use on the boss if they have time.

4. Have your ranged team stack on top of each other in case one of the volatile ooze hits its target and explodes, this will ensure the damage is spread out enough for people to survive if they have high health.

5. You will need to get the bosses health down to 80% to start Phase 2.

6. Continue moving from one end of the room to the other depending on which aggregate appears next; however, at this point there is even more restricted movement due to Malleable Goo.

7.At 30% health the boss will go into Phase 3, at this point the sub tank should have cleared as many ooze piles as possible then use all of the Abomination’s energy on the boss before dropping the Abomination and get ready to trade tanks with Professor Putricide.

8. We recommend that you switch tanks with 4 stacks of Mutated Plague, if you outweigh the risk of the raid being overwhelmed by damage. You will need a skillful and timely tank swap for this phase and it is at this point that ALL remaining cooldowns should be burned and Bloodlust used.

9. Loot and enjoy. This boss will most likely require some practice, a lot of positioning, and strong raid movement to account for when building his team.

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