Where to Buy Surface Mount PCB Components

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Buy Surface Mount PCB Components

If you look inside almost any piece of equipment that has been commercially manufactured, you will see a variety of electronic components that are very small in size. These are not like the wire leads that you might find on a standard leaded component, rather these devices have been designed with surface mount pcb technology and are called SMT components or SMDs. Using this particular technology for PCB manufacture has allowed far more electronics to be incorporated into smaller equipment and also speeds up the assembly process as it does not require holes in the circuit board.

SMT (surface-mount technology) is a manufacturing process that uses components with solder pads to connect them directly to the circuit board without the use of through holes, thus avoiding solder bridges that can cause failure in the final product. The process is primarily automated and requires very precise placement of the components. It is one of the most popular and reliable methods of producing a PCB, especially for high-quality printed circuit boards.

There are several different types of SMT assemblies, each with a slightly different layout. Type II assemblies, for example, place passive chip SMCs on the secondary side of the board and active DIPs on the primary side. This can be more difficult to fabricate than a single-sided board with through hole components.

Where to Buy Surface Mount PCB Components

SMD components are very small and can be difficult to handle by hand, so they are usually handled by machine. This makes SMT a good choice for mass production and allows manufacturers to produce highly reliable electronic products at an affordable cost. These components are also very sensitive to electrostatic discharges, so assembly work with them must take place in a properly protected environment.

As you might expect, the power ratings for SMT components are less than their traditional leaded counterparts. For this reason, it is important to check the data sheet for a given device to ensure that it can handle the expected load. Additionally, it is important to mount these components in a position where they will not be subjected to extremes of temperature or board flexing.

In addition to the basic packages used for passive components, transistors and diodes, and integrated circuits, there are also special shaped devices that are commonly known as BGAs. These are the most common type of SMT device and they feature connections underneath the package, which can be a major challenge to solder because it is so small. To overcome this issue, a special package known as the PGA has protrusions at four corners of the body that provide a convenient place to apply solder. This is a popular package for microprocessors and other complex ICs. It is sometimes referred to as the QFP (see OMPAC and GPAC). Other specialty shapes are available as well, including one that is sealed with a molded resin called an ICPA.

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