Toyota dispute settlement

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One of the most competitive automakers, Toyota has been recognized as the leading producer of high-caliber automobiles. This reputation changed almost everything when Toyota was forced to recall some of its models.

Toyota faces tough challenges that could break the company’s name in the coming days. A fine of nearly $ 32 million – that’s the price Toyota has to pay. There were two federal investigations that forced Toyota to pay those fines caused by the car recalls. The report indicates that Toyota was unable to adhere to the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Last April of this year, Toyota was sanctioned for notifying safety officials upon learning of the pedal failure. The rule dictates that once a manufacturer has found a defect in a vehicle, notification must be made within five business days of discovery.

This has not been a good year for the company, as it endures criticism and judgment. However, the Secretary of Transportation was impressed that Toyota is being so cooperative in solving the problem and promises that it will always ensure the safety of customers from now on. Toyota officials said they value what happened because it makes their relationship with the authorities more stable, and after what happened they are now more sensitive to customer comments and suggestions and try harder to meet their customers’ expectations. – an expectation of delivering the safest and most reliable vehicles ever.

Except for the learning piece, Toyota suffered a huge loss of profitability as the sales figures validate. It was blown up twice; First, it had to make major repairs and recalls; second, it impacted their clients’ trust in their models. The sales figure indicates a 10% percent decrease compared to its projected sales for November.

To counter this, they decided to launch a campaign in which they began offering a free cooling pump solution on more than three hundred thousand Toyota Prius hybrid cars that were deployed primarily in North America.

Car owners invaded Toyota showrooms and offices to raise various concerns. One of these concerns includes the recall itself, while the other issues involve arguments related to the reduction of the market value of your purchased models. This issue triggers customer complaints that resulted in nearly 15 million civil penalties that were issued by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Prior to the Toyota Prius recall, there were already recalls since August 2009 involving more than a million Toyota Matrix and Corollas sold in Canada and the US, which were manufactured during 2005 to 2008.

For the most part, the main problem in these recall incidents revolved around road safety. Considering the loss of consumer confidence, Toyota is carefully countering all aspects of the scenario. It may take a while until you receive favorable attention from your potential customers. However, your effort to regain this trust is seen as a sincere and full commitment; at least most of the potential clients who never read the news about the retirement.

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