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The Commie Chronicles – Episode 5

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In our last episode, we discussed the purge principle of killing careers, families, and organizations, just as Stalin killed his own people. In this episode, we will see the destruction of our First Amendment. The damage began long ago under the banner of political correctness. The PC craze is simply the soft sell leading to what came out of the closet in the hit, critical race theory.

In news from Canada, former Mount Royal University geography instructor Mark Hecht was turned away by the Canadian Armed Forces. His rejection was due to an opinion piece he wrote titled “Ethnic Diversity Damages Social Confidence and the Economic Well-Being of a Country, Argues the Professor.” Yes, Mr. Hecht was rejected for expressing an opinion contrary to the communist narrative that gripped North America. Hecht was denied access to the Canadian Armed Forces because he dared to criticize forced diversity programs.

No one is better than Facebook, under the leadership of Mark Suckerburg, at violating our First Amendment rights. A relatively new conservative network is the One America News Network. OANN, as they are known, was recently banned on Facebook, quickly followed by Google and Twitter. Twitter even closed the comments of the president of the United States because they did not like him. Back on Facebook, Suckerburg ordered that all mention of voter fraud “stop the theft” be removed from its platform.

In California, John Muir Health Center’s Trauma Medical Director Dr. Michael Deboisblanc had a rude awakening in the new America. He had the gall to write to health officials in Contra Costa County, California, and question the illegal and unsubstantiated rules of the China virus. His dirty feat? He asked why the county closed when there was no evidence that the lockdowns and masks did nothing. At a press conference, the good Doctor said that he was fired after writing the letter.

Cumulus Media, the country’s second-largest radio station owner, recently sent a memo to talk show hosts to stop talking about the stolen elections or they will be fired. Cumulus Executive Vice President Brian Phillips issued the censorship directive, which read: “We need to help induce national calm NOW,” he wrote in an internal memo that was first reported by Inside Music Media. Phillips said his company “will not tolerate any suggestion that the elections are not over. A clear threat followed:” If you violate this policy, you can expect to part ways with the company immediately. “The Washington Post called it” impressive corporate crackdown. Cumulus is home to hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Dan Bongino and Mark Levin.

Corporations have joined the community agenda of governments. Online credit card processor Stripe canceled all work for the Trump campaign after reporting election fraud. At just the right time, American Express, BlueCross BlueShield, Commerce Bank, Dow, and Marriott and others suddenly stopped all political campaign contributions from any Republican in Congress who supported the president’s claims that the Communists stole the election. Deutsche Bank canceled Trump’s corporate bank accounts. Anything to control thought.

Project Veritas, a courageous and valuable news resource, released an undercover video in which Michael Beller, lead attorney for PBS, says on video that the children of President Donald Trump’s supporters should be apprehended and placed in ‘labor camps. re-education’. He went on to say, “Even if Biden wins, we’re going for all Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children, and we will put the children of Trump supporters in re-education camps.” Do we live in America?

Go Daddy kicked the nation’s largest gun manufacturer off its web platform. Close them without notice. Oathkeepers, a conservative organization that supports the military and law enforcement, were canceled by their web provider. Conservative organizations were “coast-to-coast de-platforms.” Do what we say or they will ‘cancel’ you. They even shut down Parler, a new social media platform that did not censor conservatives.

Many believe that we still have a Constitution. Breaking news has been canceled by judges from coast to coast who are compromised, communist or incompetent.

Until next time … watch your back and be wary of ‘canceled’ birds. You could be next.

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