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Strenuous Job Titles and Your Resume

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Can I ask you a question? How many previous jobs have you had? How many of them are on your resume? How many times have you had to choose a title to describe the work you did because the company didn’t actually have a title for what you were doing, or they hired you for one thing, and over time your job description changed completely? and then three or four years you’re doing various jobs, many of which had nothing to do with your job title, you’re the person there, the person they needed at the time to do those jobs.

Well, don’t you think your job titles on your resume should match the work you actually did, rather than just what you were hired for when you started working there? Now if he was doing all these extra jobs at the company, beyond what he originally hired, and since that company had no job title for those tasks they assigned him, why not give them a name? yourself, and then properly put it on your resume.

Okay, I’m going to advise you at this point to create very strenuous job titles that show you’re in the trenches, fighting the good fight, and getting the job done. That you are one with performance, agility and you know how to get things done right the first time. Your resume should reflect a person who is a “can do” type and someone who is not afraid of hard work, long hours and being a team player, a decisive player, someone they can count on when the going gets tough. Do you have what it takes? If you do, and you believe it, then your future employer should know about it.

Still, how can they know if you don’t tell them on your resume? How can they know that you are better than the best and that you are better than the rest if you just write where you work and the job titles you were hired for instead of all the assignments you were involved in, if not don’t write them, then you are not doing your best.

If you’re going to compete in this job market, your resume should reflect someone who can work as a team player, but isn’t afraid to put in the extra hours to get it right when a job needs to be done, even if it has to be done. work late and do it yourself. In fact, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.

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