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Mastering the Open Floor Plan Home Buyers Demand

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Today’s home buyers don’t just want an open floor plan. They demand it! But creating the ultimate open floor plan isn’t just about bringing a deck to the walls (hello HGTV!) It’s about thoughtful and creative design from scratch. Here are some easy ways to develop open floor plans that have pizzazz.

Definitely define spaces:
Creating “functional spaces” gives buyers an idea of ​​how the open floor plan will flow and fit into their daily lives. Items like area rugs and bold lighting help define spaces and add interest. By using an area rug in the great room and a beautiful chandelier over the dining area, spaces are controlled and not limited.

Continuity is king:
Critical design elements such as flooring and recessed lighting must maintain a consistent feel in the open space. It may seem obvious, but this creates a smooth, aesthetically pleasing flow that home buyers desire. Make sure furniture, accessories, and art complement each other. Even check the color palette between the spaces to make sure there is a strong relationship in color options and style.

Impressive Featured Features:
In each “zone” of open living space, make sure there is a design feature that really makes a statement. A beautiful stone wall with a fireplace in the living room or eye-catching pendants over the kitchen island add personality to each of the spaces.

Keep site lines safe:
Keep an open floor plan just that – open! Make sure you leave the space clear and don’t obstruct the site lines with unnecessarily large accessories or furniture. Shoppers want to imagine themselves cooking, eating and entertaining, all in the same open and airy space. Something like a tall bookcase or bulky section could be more of an eye sore than a statement statement.

Bring a space to Soaring Heights:
If the home can be accommodated, adding architectural drama may be beneficial. An open floor plan can feel even brighter and fresher with a high ceiling and noticeable details. Vaulted ceilings or dramatic wood beams or trim can be the strong selling feature that stands out to a potential buyer.

Indoor to outdoor ratio:
Don’t let the open floor plan stop at the back door! Create a seamless flow from the cool and airy indoors to the outdoors with a continuation of flooring materials in both spaces, as well as large, impressive glass doors and windows.

Have fun with some (or all) of these creative design ideas that are sure to help a property’s open floor plan stand out!

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