How to Draw a Flying Monkey Delta

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Flying Monkey Delta

So, you have finally decided to learn how to draw a flying monkey. Flying Monkeys are some of the most recognizable animals in the world, and they have inspired many cartoons, books, movies, and other media over the years. If you are new to drawing cartoons online, or drawing anything at all, I recommend that you start with Monkey Delta. There are a lot of other monkeys out there, and this one is by far the best (and most simple) of them all. Continue reading for some tips on drawing the famous flying monkey.

The basic idea behind drawing any shape is to create a straight edge by starting with a point A, moving towards point B, then from point B to point C, and so on. To do a flying monkey, start with the basic rectangle, then make it into a circle, then a half circle, then a quarter circle, and so on. When you get to the ending point, remove the right side and right angles, then just keep the shape as it is for the drawing.

Flying monkey delta 8

Now, for your air intake, start with the cone shaped part of the air intake. Use the handle to turn it, and as you move it towards the back of your head, pull on the handle and it will contract. Now, notice how the air goes through the cone, and how it gets curved? Use the hypotenuse of the cone to draw the air going up and down the shape.

How to Draw a Flying Monkey Delta

The next step in how to draw a flying monkey is to use the airbrush. To use the airbrush, you need to have either a soft air brush, or a pencil, and start at the bottom of the body and go up. Start at the tip and go back. Use a very quick airbrush stroke, and start painting from the top down. After you are done with the top, you can stop and then just brush on some of the details.

The last step is to fill in any gaps that may exist. You can do this with either pencils, or markers. For now, just use the airbrush for most of the drawing. The final step is to add all of your details, like adding the leaves to make the tree come to life. Once you are done with your drawing, you will have a great looking piece of art you can show off to your friends!

So, if you want to learn how to draw a flying monkey delta, the first step is to look up some drawings or pictures online. Then you can look at them in the artist’s portfolio to see how they do it. If you can’t find any drawings online, then just get a good book on how to draw flying creatures and look at it. If you can’t find any book, then just buy a good airbrush kit and learn how to draw from there. Have fun with this project and stay motivated to finish it!

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