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Facebook Video: How to Get More People to Buy

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What do people use the Internet for? After social media and email, people spend many hours a week watching videos online. Companies have caught on to this trend and are starting to release their own video content. This has also given rise to social media marketing companies and internet marketing agencies offering video marketing services. Combining social media and video marketing can go a long way in driving traffic and user engagement.

Think of it this way: If most people spend hours on social media every day and like to watch videos online, doesn’t it make sense to post videos on their social media profiles?

Facebook launches video features

You were always able to upload video content to your Facebook wall, but Facebook recently released a number of tools that would improve this feature. For one thing, there’s autoplay, which was a cool move on their part. It also has metrics and other tools that you can use to make it easier to distribute video content.

Surprisingly few small business owners have taken advantage of Facebook videos for marketing purposes. If you didn’t already know, video gets the most attention on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook did a smart thing: They tweaked their newsfeed algorithm to show videos more often. What did this do? Facebook now averages more than four billion daily video views.

If this isn’t music to your ears, then you’re completely missing the point. There has never been a time when producing and distributing videos was so easy and affordable.

Facebook’s autoplay feature launched in 2013 and has since increased views, likes, shares, and comments by 58 percent. A view is counted if the person looks for at least three seconds. So if you can grab your audience’s attention for at least three seconds, they’re very likely to continue. And if you can get people to complete your videos, you’re more likely to convert them into buyers.

The following tips are often used by companies that offer social media management and marketing services:

  • Your videos must be able to tell the message or story with and without sound.
  • The first frame of the video should capture the attention of the viewers.
  • The content must be relevant and contextual.
  • Great content to use includes customer testimonials, product reviews, behind-the-scenes clips, and user-generated content.
  • There should be a call to action that lets viewers know exactly what you want them to do next: buy, click, subscribe!

With the help of social media marketing companies, you can enhance your online video campaigns and successfully advertise them on Facebook and other social networks.

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