Does AC service include checking refrigerant levels?

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A chemical known as refrigerant helps transfer heat energy between your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils to produce cool air. Without refrigerant, the system cannot cool your home and will blow hot air. During regular AC maintenance, technicians inspect the refrigerant levels and refill them if necessary. In addition, technicians clean the filters and condenser coils to keep the air flowing smoothly through the system and prevent clogging.

When refrigerant levels are low, the evaporator coils may freeze up. This causes the system to short-cycle, which means it turns on and off at a frequency inconsistent with indoor temperatures. When refrigerant is low, it can also cause the evaporator coils to leak. Hissing sounds or bubbles coming from the condenser unit are another sign of a refrigerant problem.

The most common reason for a refrigerant leak is a faulty compressor or evaporator coil. These components are essential for transferring heat energy, but they can be subject to excessive stress due to the demands of your cooling system. When the AC unit is running constantly, these parts can develop cracks and seals that slowly work their way loose over time. This can result in refrigerant leaks from the hose connections, reversing valves, and other areas of the air conditioning unit.

Does AC service include checking refrigerant levels?

If you notice a leak in your ac service near me, it’s important to have it repaired right away. This will help protect your refrigerant levels and prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. Refrigerant problems can be expensive, but regular AC service can help reduce the need for repairs and keep you cool throughout the summer. Contact your local AC experts to schedule your ac service today.

Air filters become clogged with dirt and debris throughout the year, which can reduce your AC’s efficiency and performance. A professional technician will check the condition of the air filters, clean or replace them, and ensure that they are properly fitted to prevent leaking. They will also clean the condenser coils and drain tray to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.

The refrigerant in your air conditioner collects and transfers heat energy, so the levels in the unit naturally go down over time. A technician will check the current refrigerant level during a tune up and refill it if needed. They will also use a special tool to remove the old refrigerant from the system, making sure that the correct type and amount is used.

If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, it may be using a refrigerant that is being phased out due to environmental concerns. A professional technician can help you decide whether replacing the system is a better option than getting refrigerant refills. Scheduling AC maintenance every spring can prepare your system to keep you cool all summer long. Urban Company technicians perform a thorough inspection and cleaning with special attention to the evaporator coil and reversing valves. They wear protective clothing and vacuum out the drip pans to prevent a mess while they work.

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