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Do you love sugar as much as cancer?

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Cancer cells are found in all bodies. But luckily, our immune systems, for the most part, can handle them. Until, of course, it no longer does. And then scary things happen that none of us are particularly excited about and that many of us are afraid of.

To avoid potential complications and minimize cancer risk, many people add antioxidants to their diet. But that’s a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has run away. Instead of taking an antidote, it would be much smarter not to ingest the toxin in the first place, especially seeing how it is the toxins that lead to oxidation. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Now what toxins do you think you may be putting into your body? Some that can be avoided are, of course, seed oils, processed foods, alcohol, and worst of all, sugar.

Did you know that just 1 teaspoon of sugar suppresses cancer cells for 7 hours? Think about it: just by eating a small teaspoon of sugar, you become more susceptible to cancer growth in the next 7 hours! And to think that most people eat an average of 17-20 teaspoons of sugar a day…

Sugar doesn’t just suppress your immune system. It also feeds cancer cells. Cancer cells are 40-50 times more efficient at utilizing sugar than normal cells. Cancer is literary, it sucks glucose like crazy and feeds on it. In fact, research has shown that a colon cancer polyp will eat the sugar from a sugary drink (for example, apply juice) even before the sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. Furthermore, sugar-fed cancer is more resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In contrast, sugar-deprived cancer requires a much lower dose of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Now, is “natural” sugar better? Well, that’s the same question as “Is natural poison better than artificial poison?” Of course not! Poison is poison, no matter how “natural” its source. Your body doesn’t care where the sugar came from. He reacts to it the same way he reacts to poison. There is no such thing as a healthy form of sugar. Everything is poison. And instead of taking it and then trying to make up for it with expensive (and dubious) antioxidants, it’s much better not to take it at all. It saves you a lot of headaches and can also save you from cancer.

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