Design your own tattoo: what to do if you don’t know how to draw

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When you are trying to create a tattoo design of your own, it can be quite frustrating trying to do it when your drawing skills are limited and not that great. But by following some of the tips below, he’ll be on his way to creating a custom look that’s completely his own.

Keep in mind that tattoo designs are not invented by actual drawing on paper. First they are presented from ideas that come to mind. Imagination plays a big role in creating a tattoo design, but you can still get by with simple ideas. Drawing or sketching with simple lines and markings can still convey what you want to express in a design. You don’t have to be a fantastic artist to bring your tattoo ideas to life.

The first thing you should know is that tattoos must have meaning. The design you want to create should be something you have a connection to and want to portray on your skin. Be patient and take your time, the design itself won’t look better in a rush. Instead of trying to draw your design, you can write down the qualities you want, colors, size, shading, certain details, etc. Be sure to point out the most important details that you really want in the overall design.

Collecting images of other tattoos is another way to start your own design. Save them in a file or folder and write little notes about what you liked about the design. Taking small parts from here and there, your design will begin to evolve into a real tattoo. If you’ve collected several other tattoo images, stress to the artist the details of what you may want to incorporate into yours.

By showing you this material that they have collected, the tattoo artist should be able to draw you a design that is uniquely styled to your own specifications. Don’t settle for the ready-made designs you find on the walls of tattoo parlors, either. Be unique and design your own tattoo.

The tattoo artist is a very talented person when interpreting custom tattoo ideas. By explaining to him the ideas of what you want in a tattoo, he can make a drawing himself. He can also have a friend or family member draw a version of the design if he can’t do it yourself. The draft of the tattoo design does not have to be perfect. What matters is the final drawing before it is stenciled and prepared for the tattoo. Always review the drawing carefully and do not accept any design that is not to your liking.

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