Choosing a diet: let it be success

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Let’s face it, choosing a diet is a daunting task with so many options available. So instead, try this philosophy. Read the diets with an open mind. Look for the types of diets that have desirable characteristics that you can stick to. Remember, this is about you and success. If you can’t commit to the diet you select, then you’ve already failed.

Let’s look at some myths about diet before making a decision.

Myth # 1- Some sugars are worse than other sugars. In fact, sugar is sugar; the carbohydrates in these sugars still increase insulin and raise blood sugar levels, resulting in increased appetite.

Myth # 2- Fat is bad. Incorrect. Your body needs fat to maintain metabolism and energy. Choose fats from avocados, nuts, fish, and olive oil. Avoid red meat, butter, and processed foods.

Myth # 3- Carbohydrates make you gain weight. This may not be entirely true. But get familiar with the glycemic index and select carbohydrates from the lower end of the index. In this way, you can more easily follow the selected diet and lose weight steadily.

Myth # 4- Low-fat foods help you lose weight. It is the calories that help you lose weight. One pound of weight equals approximately 3,500 calories. So there is room for maneuver in your diet.

Myth # 5- Eating at night increases weight. It’s what you eat like buttered popcorn, cakes, potato chips, and a bite of pizza that gain weight. So keep in mind what you are consuming.

The next step in selecting a diet that is right for you will require a bit of work on your part, and that work is research. Compare those diets and review the strategies behind them. Each diet has a list of dos and don’ts, a list of foods, and a strategy to follow. These are the nut soup of a healthy diet. Check out the physical requirements that accompany the diet. Honestly, exercise is synonymous with diet rather than the phrase “diet and exercise.”

Look at the menu and select three to four diets to focus and investigate further. Do they have snacks that you enjoy or could you enjoy? Is your comfort food on the list? Do they modify recipes of your favorite foods to include them in this diet? Make a list of the reserves you have, because this is where you make your diet selection.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the problems that diets don’t address. Topics such as the amount of sugars in carbonated beverages, wheat, and their damaging effect on diets. Take a good look at potatoes and the appetite spikes that can result. Many dieters blame the diet when they do not lose weight, however there are many other hidden factors that are also to blame.

Now narrow down your contenders, adjust your pantries accordingly, and set a date to start. With proper research and self-education, you should have all the expectations for a successful diet. Here is the weight loss for you.

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