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Central Park attractions for new tourists in New York

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Visitors to New York City have many things to explore, including its impressive museums, architecture, food venues, and shopping malls. However, first-time visitors to the city and surrounding areas don’t miss Central Park. This comprised 843 acres on the island of Manhattan. On average, 25 million people visit this place a year to enjoy its many attractions. It is ideal when you want to calm your mind and body in the middle of green areas while touring New York. Both individual travelers and people with families can have a great time here.

Accommodation options near Central Park

If budget is not an issue, you can choose from several hotels with views of the region. It would be wise to book a room in a hotel located in the southern part of the park. It will be useful for easy access to the park and you will be able to reach some restaurants and museums.

Central Park tourist attractions

There are several attractions that attract tourists to the Park. It was the first artificially landscaped park in the United States. It would be a good idea to download a map of the region before you start exploring.

• The zoo

If your kids loved the animated movie ‘Madagascar’, they will love the zoo, known as a wildlife center. There are animals and birds like polar bears, sea lions, and penguins. Children will like to explore a section dedicated to them where they can get up close and personal with cows, sheep and goats.

• Mother goose statue

Almost all visitors to the region admire the Mother Goose sculpture. Statues of legendary figures like Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, and Humpty Dumpty will look familiar. Another sculpture worth visiting here is Alice in Wonderland. Children can explore and climb the beautiful statue.

• Strawberry fields

The Strawberry Fields was commissioned to commemorate the memory of legendary Beatles singer John Lennon. The rock master stayed in the adjacent Dakota apartment building. Fans can place flowers and tributes in the garden.

• The great lawn

Thirteen acres of greenery invite you to the Great Lawn, which contains basketball courts, baseball fields, and space for sports and leisure activities. If you visit New York during the summer months, this is the place where you can enjoy free concerts and movie screenings.

• Belvedere Castle

Lovers of architecture will appreciate the stone castle dating back to the 19th century. From its tower, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the City. In this castle you can also explore the Henry Luce Natural Observatory with bird and wildlife exhibits.

• Sheep meadow

Walking the vast expanses of Central Park and exploring numerous attractions can tire you out after a while. To relax and enjoy a few moments amidst the serenity and greenery, head to Sheep Meadow. This is a picturesque green meadow that offers an incredible view of the horizon. Some tourists also choose this place for picnics. You can enjoy sunbathing sitting in this patch of greenery where flocks of sheep used to graze several decades ago.

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