Car rental at Ben Gurion airport: what you need to know about rental companies and policies

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Israel is a country that is always worth visiting. Whether you want to take a road trip through Jerusalem or just need a vehicle to get around Tel Aviv, you should consider Ben Gurion Airport car rental. It is located near the center of the country and serves as the main gateway. The car rental facility at the airport is open 24/7.

Most rental agencies will not allow you to reserve a specific make or model. However, they will try to accommodate you according to your needs. Tell them what interests you. It is always best to book online in advance so that an ideal vehicle will be waiting for you when you leave your terminal. If you don’t have the proper currency, there are many ATMs located throughout the airport.

Most flights arrive and depart from Terminal 3, which is the main Terminal. There are some freighter and economy flights that fly from Terminal 1. Only on these economy flights passengers may need to take a shuttle from the plane to the terminal.

Where can you rent a car at Ben Gurion airport? Just walk up the escalators and you’ll find the offices of the top five car rental companies in the country: Eldan, Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Budget. It’s always a good idea to order a car with a reliable GPS system when visiting another country. Also, be sure to get a map from the car rental counter.

While you don’t need to take a shuttle to the offices themselves, you may need to take one to the actual car lot to pick up your vehicle, depending on the company you choose. Parking adjacent to the main terminal is just a short walk away.

Insure your car rental at Ben Gurion airport

If you are not a native Israeli, your insurance policy may not cover car rentals, so check ahead of time what is and is not covered in your current policy. Also, if you are traveling with children, familiarize yourself with Israel’s laws regarding child safety seats.

In Israel, you must be at least 21 or 24 years old to rent a car, according to the company. You may be charged an airport tax for your car rental at Ben Gurion Airport. Read the terms and conditions of any rental company you are considering carefully, especially if you are unfamiliar with Israeli traffic laws. The good news is that the country has signage in English and Hebrew, as well as a well-maintained road network.

You can save on your car rental at Ben Gurion Airport by using discount codes online. Please make sure a particular code or coupon is valid before finalizing your reservation. You can also find bargains on airfare and hotel rooms by checking online travel deals.

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