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Cancer is a food allergy disease as well as the environment

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Through many years of observation plus my limited knowledge of medical issues, having been a medical student and more recently a genetics student, what stands out about cancer is the lifestyle of the patients. While smoking contributes to onsets, there is limited research on the causes of food allergies. I guess governments don’t let the facts out, as was the case with tobacco.

An incredible red flag for pancreatic and liver cancers is sugar, a major component of most foods. Alcohol is another and the two combined can be deadly. While the sugar C12OH22O11) and alcohol (C2H5OH) differ in their chemical composition, it is their effect on the digestion system that is the problem.

The function of the liver is to break down fats before they reach the pancreas. In simple terms, this works in the small intestine in the presence of bile and digestive juices secreted by the pancreas. This is an essential part of maintaining good health.

In the presence of a sugar or alcohol overdose, the liver and associated organs are overwhelmed. The fat slips away undigested and accumulates in both the liver and the pancreas. It accumulates contributing to obesity and causing cancer of these vital organs and other problems.

Alcohol is a food and is toxic to the liver, which then uses all its secretions to neutralize it. That allows fats to go untreated and therefore the recognition that alcohol is fattening.

Along with these two substances there are many others that will take priority over the normal functioning of the liver. My observations show that condoms are also toxic but less so than the other two. They contain nitrites and nitrates which are found in bacon, sausages, luncheon meats, hot dogs, smoked fish, ham, and also corned beef.

Sulfites exist in wine, shrimp, dried fruit, and potatoes to preserve the color of foods. If you are sensitive they can cause skin irritations, hypertension, abdominal pain and asthma symptoms.

Sodium benzoate or benzoic acid when combined with vitamin C is linked to cancer and leukemia and to damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, brain and adrenal glands.

This topic is huge but the bottom line is to eat fresh, prepare your own food and avoid anything with preservatives and especially potato products like packets of potato chips etc. Consuming these things also puts on weight as people get addicted to the taste that is highlighted by a high degree of salt, which is bad for the heart and blood vessels.

The latter also contain high amounts of trans fats that are stored around vital organs as they cannot be digested by the liver. In fact, they are as bad as smoking for your health in the long run.

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