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Can this diffuser hair dryer be used with hair styling products?

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Can this diffuser hair dryer be used

A diffuser hair dryer is the most essential tool for anyone with curly, wavy, or otherwise unruly hair. The attachment resembles a roundish, pokey cup that helps diffuse your hair, giving it a relaxed look that is both more natural and a bit more voluminous than traditional blow drying methods.

Aside from its ability to help curls retain their shape, this handy tool also helps minimize frizz and flyaways for a more polished finish. Moreover, the diffuser softens the intense blast of heat from regular hair dryers, making it more gentle on your strands and cuticles.

This makes it ideal for anyone with fine, delicate, or fragile tresses. Aside from curls and waves, a diffuser can be used on straight hair to add texture or reduce the amount of heat exposure. To get the best results, start diffusing your hair when it’s freshly washed and conditioned. Then, apply your preferred styling products to damp strands (such as mousse or curl cream) and comb through them with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

Can this diffuser hair dryer be used with hair styling products?

Next, use a hair dryer with a diffuser hair dryer attachment and set it to a low heat and airflow setting. Gently cup your hair within the diffuser and start drying from the tips, working your way up toward the roots as you go. Be sure to keep the diffuser pointed downward as this helps to enhance curls and waves. Once you’re done diffusing your hair, allow it to briefly air dry for a bouncy and hydrated finish. You can also add a little hair spray for extra hold.

To create a more dramatic look, try flipping your hair upside down while still using the diffuser to create volume. Then, move on to the next section of your hair and repeat the process until you’ve dried all your curls. Alternatively, you can try diffusing your hair while sitting up instead of lying down to achieve more subtle volume and definition.

When you’re done, gently pat your hair with a microfiber towel to remove any excess water and to give it a final touch-up. Be sure to take your time so you don’t overdo it, and remember to always use a heat protectant before blow-drying your hair. With a little practice, you’ll quickly be able to master the art of diffusing and have gorgeous curls or waves to show for it.

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