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I invite you to my rustic farmhouse as I share my free spirited Boho Chic Christmas decor, getting ready for the beautiful holiday season and a house full of friends and family. I love the rustic woods and eclectic finds that I combine with the Christmas decorations keeping it cheerful, magical and colorful. The Christmas wreath accentuates the warm patina of the carved antique barn door that is the focal point of the living room. Patchwork sari cushions, colorful sheer curtains, and tribal colored damchiyas from India that I’m using as nightstands in my bedroom give it an edgy eclectic bohemian vibe.

I take inspiration from the rustic mid-century Christmas decor of the past, where antique woods play a big role in grounding the energies along with lots of greenery and handmade cotton blankets that are so vague in their color. My aesthetic has now become more colorful and I love the pops of color scattered around the house. My obsession with antique wood cabinetry and handcrafted furniture in natural wood tones with colorful tile, as well as rustic farmhouse tables in whitewashed woods, plays off metal chairs and upholstered benches.

The Christmas tree has a vintage mid-century feel, with handmade antique dolls and ornaments, my need for a holistic vibe brings in agate crystals and lapiz lazuli malas that inject a bit of boho warmth into the décor. My kitchen has pendant lights and a hand-carved lotus flower shade that I have illuminated with recessed lights so the soft glow is inviting and warm. Large wooden chandeliers and a life-size Buddha sitting quietly in the corner add a beautiful energy.

Carved sofas with medium wood-tone trim and beige velvet upholstery give the living room a Victorian appeal. The uniqueness of the hand carved wood and the floral mix of the carvings is like bringing nature into your home. Artistic furniture custom made for you inspires the mood to go beyond the ordinary. Christmas is the season of love and gifting loved ones with all the precious blessings of the universe. Handcrafted console tables and lounge tables decorated with traditional bouquets of fall flowers and lush green potted plants lit with lights set the festive mood.

My love of bold colors like red velvet curtains mixes with the rustic textures and patterns of old dressers and a laid-back, bohemian-inspired space comes to life. The rustic chest of hope is filled with gifts and blankets, the warmth of love and happiness is so rewarding and beautiful as we go through old Christmas decorations and trinkets. Blessings and love fill the home. Have a merry and blessed Christmas!!!

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