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Best soup this side of Soupsville

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Many know me as the soup connoisseur, and I really appreciate the title, however I must tell you that all of my talents and skills in soup making have evolved over at least a decade or more. They often ask me; “How did you make this wonderful soup?” and they tell me; “Your soups are always delicious.” Well, maybe it’s time for me to share some of my secrets with you here today, if possible. Let’s talk.

Okay, how did I turn into soup? After all, I’m a big eater and I was born hungry, according to my mother. Well, it so happens that years ago my teeth hurt and it hurt to eat something too solid. I was traveling and my dentist was back in California. If I didn’t chew my food enough it would get stuck in my throat, so I started making soup. I was traveling in an RV, running my company, so I didn’t have all the comforts of a real kitchen, more like a small one-bedroom apartment with a mini-kitchen. However, I was forced to cope.

So, I took Top Ramen as my base, cheap, effortless, and started chopping things up to put inside. I would buy pre-made chickens at the grocery store and cut the meat into tiny squares, or I would take a can of salmon and shred it with a fork and place it in the soup. I cut onions, potatoes, and assorted vegetables. Eventually, I got to be brave, throwing almost anything in there, remember “I was born hungry” and guess what happened? I started to realize what works well and what flavors go best together, and today: viola, the best soup in town.

No, my teeth don’t hurt anymore or anything like that, but I still make soup every day, and I probably eat healthier than the worst politically correct vegetarians on the planet. It turns out that our ancestors were right to eat soup, it has many other benefits. It’s easy on your digestive system, leaving more horsepower for your brain. It delivers the nutrients to your body, muscles, and mind faster this way, and I suppose it’s less expensive, depending on the ingredients. If you’re not a soup eater yet, or a sip, it surely should be, I can safely recommend it for a reason; experience. In fact, I hope you consider all of this and think about it.

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