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Benefits of selling your house for cash

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    Honesty alert! I may not be your best option.

What are the benefits of selling your house for cash? As with everything you will read or hear from me, I am going to be completely honest with you. Selling your house to me may not be your best option. That’s right, for many people who have a lot of time and have a house in perfect condition, selling your house to me may not be your best option. You’ll probably get more money for your house by selling it with a real estate agent and waiting as long as it takes to sell it on the open market.

    Time is money.

However, if you don’t meet the above requirements and want or need to sell your home quickly, there are many benefits to buying your home from me. Since your time is valuable, I’ll start with the most important benefit first. Cash buyers buy your house fast! Don’t underestimate the value of this. We’ve all heard that time is money, and it couldn’t be truer than in real estate. Not even calculating the real value of your personal time spent trying to sell a house, just owning a property is very expensive. Insurance, taxes, utilities, and maintenance can easily eat up millions and thousands of dollars over the many months it takes to sell a home the conventional way. All that money could be in your pocket very soon after you call me.

    Avoid the frustration

I seriously considered avoiding frustration as the number one benefit, but a quick sale is too important. Since I could literally write dozens of articles on the ways selling a home can be frustrating, I’ll summarize the most common ones in one list. In no order of precedence, just a few of the ways selling a home can be frustrating are: fixing up your home, organizing your home, keeping your home in show condition, having to leave your home on short notice for a viewing, 18 page colorado real estate, picky buyers, curious, nosy neighbors, paying for a house you won’t live in, worrying about when or if your house will sell, negotiating with buyers, buyers backing out of contracts after you’ve moved in, real estate agent commissions, and most of all, the uncertainty of it all.

    Cash is king.

Which would you rather have? A house worth $200,000 or $200,000 cash in the bank. Of course, you’d rather have the cash, since you can do whatever you want with it. If you have a house, you have to sell it first to get the cash. The most you could hope to get after selling $200,000 through a real estate agent is about $182,000, and that’s if you didn’t have to do any repairs and you sold it for full price. Do the math, 6% realtor commissions and 3% closing costs add up to $18,000! You will most likely have a few thousand in repairs and have to negotiate an average of 5% in price reductions and pay buyers closing costs. This means you’ll probably only get about $170,000 in cash for your $200,000 home. Like I said, “cash is king,” so getting a quick cash offer from me is most likely your best bet.

    It is too easy.

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