Backlink Building: Effective Link Building With Social Media Marketing

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Some experts believe that social media is the link building wave of the future. There are hundreds of social media sites and tools that you can take advantage of for their potential SEO value. Social media link building doesn’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. For maximum results, you will need to have some influence and a network of users.

Among the various SEO tools and strategies, link building is essential for good website ranking. If you create content that attracts social media users, and that content becomes popular on high-traffic social sites, your website or blog will link to numerous sites on the web. Social media also gives you the opportunity to find and target industry users for specific link building outreach campaigns.

The main difference between social media link building and traditional link building is focus. In traditional link building, you focus on the anchor texts in your backlinks from specific websites. When you use social media, you focus on the person behind the website that you want to link to.

Social networking sites are used by millions of businesses to connect with their target customers. People don’t visit these sites to buy products or services. They go to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to relax, find out what their friends are up to, and read interesting content. If you want to improve your website ranking through social media, you need to provide valuable content worth sharing.

First of all, you need to build an audience and start making friends. Use industry demographic data from authoritative sources like QuantCast and ComScore. Write good blog posts and promote them. Toss in a few personal related posts every now and then. Encourage your followers to share your content. Post your articles on the appropriate social media sites and within the relevant categories.

Build your own brand around your niche ASAP. The best way to do this is to promote your content to webmasters and business owners who have already established themselves as industry experts. The content you write must be original and offer real value to your target audience.

Social media sites give you new and original ways to find potential customers and build links, but they don’t spare any effort. Like any other part of search engine optimization, getting quality backlinks through social media takes time. If you want to be successful, make your updates count and produce new content regularly.

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