10 Gas Saving Tips to Increase Your Mileage and Save Money

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With skyrocketing gas prices, people are starting to pay close attention to their gas mileage and are looking for ways to increase their mileage. Over the years, many studies have been done on which gas saving tips work best and which have little or no impact. In this article, you’ll discover the top 10 gas-saving tips to help keep more money in your pocket.

Gas Saving Tip #1: Convert your car to a hydrogen hybrid.

If you’ve done any research online over the past year for gas-saving tips, you’ve probably come across websites that offer hydrogen kits for cars and trucks. These are DIY kits that can be built for under $100 using parts found at your local Home Depot. If you’re not familiar with these kits, I recommend checking them out. Many people claim to increase their gas mileage by 35 – 40%.

Gas Saving Tip #2: Keep your tires properly inflated.

Buy a quality tire gauge and check your tire pressure. Make sure they are inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Underinflated tires require extra horsepower to turn, so they use more gas. Most cars list the recommended tire pressure on a plate on the inside of the driver’s door. If you can’t locate it, it will be listed in your owner’s manual.

Gas Saving Tip #3: Lighten your load by shedding unnecessary weight.

Don’t go crazy and break out your back seats or the insulation, but get rid of anything in your trunk, glove compartment, or the back of your car that you absolutely don’t need. Losing weight allows your engine to not work as hard to accelerate the car forward, so you use less fuel. This won’t be much of a savings unless you get used to keeping your trunk full of junk, but everything helps and it will add up.

Gas Saving Tip #4: Slow Down Mario Andretti

Accelerating aggressively forces your vehicle to use the maximum amount of gasoline to reach the desired speed. Many tests have shown that gradual acceleration has a significant impact on your gas mileage, so slow down and see what kind of savings you can achieve.

Gas Saving Tip #5: Turn on cruise control when you can.

You will get your best mileage when you use your cruise control, but only if you are traveling on a straight road with no hills. If there’s minimal traffic and you’re on a long stretch of road, turn it on and reap the rewards. Using cruise control in heavy traffic or on sloping roads will have the opposite effect as the car constantly accelerates/decelerates to maintain the set speed.

Gas Saving Tip #6: Fill your tank at the coolest time of day.

Fuel is denser when it’s cold, so filling it up in the morning or late at night will allow more fuel to be in your tank.

Gas Saving Tip #7: Remove bike or ski racks when not in use.

Not only will it help to eliminate the extra weight, but more importantly it will reduce drag and make your vehicle more aerodynamic. This could have significant savings on a long trip.

Gas Saving Tip #8: What about carpooling?

This is not always the preferred method due to some drawbacks, but it is the most efficient way to reduce your monthly fuel cost.

Gas Savings Tip #9: Take Advantage of Getting a 5% Gas Back Credit Card,

Here’s an easy way to cut 5% off your fuel cost by using it for all your fill-ups.

Gas Saving Tip #10: Tune up your car.

This is only beneficial if your vehicle needs a tune-up, so don’t go out and spend money on a tune-up if you just had one several thousand miles ago.

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